A Tribute To Lady Long Rider Bernice Ende

There are many reasons why I ride; here are four.  To encourage female leadership. To discover, learn, and grow.
— Bernice Ende, Ende Of The Trail

Bernice Ende, Lady Long Rider and HRL contributor, passed away on October 2.

Bernice Ende traveled her own path.  Over 30,000 miles in the saddle, she encouraged women to be who they wanted to be, to listen to their own voice.  

I was deeply saddened to learn the one and only Lady Long Rider Bernice Ende had passed away peacefully on October 2, 2021 at her sister’s home in New Mexico. Both sisters and her horses were nearby.

While I do not have information regarding what created her death, does it really matter?  What matters is that she died peacefully. What matters is the life that she lived – a life she lived, and wanted to live, to the fullest, leaving inspiration and wisdom with anyone who knew of her.

Bernice was more than just someone who rode horses – she was a beloved Long Riders Guild member, a ballet teacher (of sorts), an author, an activist…

While Ende had ridden since the age of three and taught dressage (which she considered to be “horse ballet”), the fact that she did not start long riding until the age of 50 should be of great interest.  In a country where we promote youth and those of age can feel forgotten, The Lady Long Rider began a journey that most of us cannot even begin to imagine.

Inducted into the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame, she was described as being the “personification of the pioneer spirit”.  

Rest in peace, Bernice, and thank you for bringing your inspiring stories to HRL. You’ll be missed.

Bernice Ende traveled her own path.  Over 30,000 miles in the saddle, she encouraged women to be who they wanted to be, to listen to their own voice.  This is from her April 2021 update, “Be Devoted To Your Life”:

“Time is not ticking away – your life is ticking away. It’s important to know where you are going and why you are headed in that direction. But most importantly does what you are doing bring you a sense of purpose? These questions rise to the top if we are seeking a fully-fledged life. Three miles an hour is plenty fast as far as I am concerned. If you can, slow down, enjoy this time as a gift. Make this a time to discover, learn and know something new about yourself. If taking a fence apart is necessary to move forward – do it. But always respectfully put it back together. Don’t let fences, road blocks or any obstacles keep you from moving forward, find opportunity, not problems in these challenging time. If you make life a race remember what the finish line holds.”

Born in Minnesota in November of 1954, Bernice Ende would have been 67 next month.

She is now on one of the greatest adventures imagined.

Godspeed Bernice.  

Barb currently resides in Central Florida with her three horses; when she’s not writing or riding for HRL, she loves to read and travel. horseandriderliving@gmail.com