The Tack Room: An Astonishing Book

By Bonnie Folkins | December 9, 2022

There is a steady stream of predictable books that cater to the latest fad in the horse world. This book breaks the rules by being the first to explore a vital part of equestrian history that tottering is on the edge of extinction. Dr. Paula Sells spent years documenting the equine equipment used in 27 different activities ranging from the pit ponies confined in the Welsh coal mines to the equestrian explorers roaming the world. Canadian Long Rider Bonnie Folkins interviewed the author and reviews a fascinating book full of historical surprises and museum quality photographs.

The Royal Rodeo

By Barbara Godwin | December 9, 2022

Cowboys and Kings, America and the Royals, romance and drama, kidnap and rescue, this film touches on a long list of genres, all in a 15 minute run time!

Harmony, the book written by HRH Prince Charles that predicted the Environmental Emergency

By Bonnie Folkins | September 1, 2022

More than a decade before today’s environmental crisis, in his passionately written book, Harmony, Prince Charles issued a prophetic warning about the future. The Prince cautioned humanity that the great juggernaut of industrialization was endangering our planet and all life on it. During her equestrian journey across Mongolia, Canadian Long Rider Bonnie Folkins witnessed firsthand the environmental catastrophe described in this book. Her review reveals why the concept of living in “harmony” has never been more important.

HRL’s “The Long Rider” Viewing Experience

By Cristina Moore | July 2, 2022

In April 2022, Publisher Barb Godwin and Creative Director Cristina Moore were invited to attend the Florida premiere of Filipe Leite’s The Long Rider at the SunScreen Film Festival in St. Petersburg. Our first collaborative article digs into our heartfelt reactions to this powerful, touching documentary.

Book Review: The Gift by Barbra Schulte

By Barbara Godwin | November 30, 2020

On the front cover of the book, it states The Gift is “A Treasury Of Practical Mental Strategies To Empower our Riding”; Barbra explains it as ”life lessons learned from the back of a horse.” While that may be true, this book is an inspiration for all lives lived, with horses or not. It suggests that not only can we survive, but we can also thrive.

Book Review: Lady Long Rider by Bernice Ende

By Barbara Godwin | September 23, 2020

Due to a divorce and illness, Bernice moved from Seattle to her grandparent’s home state of Montana, where the saga of Lady Long Rider began: one fateful day, Bernice had a vision of herself riding horseback across a desert. It was a life-changing moment – and in the following months, the vision took form, beginning a journey one could only imagine. With her beloved dog Claire, who was her companion on 20,000 of those long rider miles, she set out to become Lady Long Rider.

You Can Lead Your Horse To Water…

By Barbara Godwin | September 13, 2020

It takes no time for the hot sun to change your clear and clean water to that familiar emerald green sea of floating slime … So when I heard about putting barley straw in a watering trough or tank to keep algae at bay, I was skeptical. Straw in a trough? How could that be?

Book Review: In The Middle Are The Horsemen

By Barbara Godwin | April 13, 2020

This book is a good read for anyone, horses or no horses. It is a testament to truly seeking out what we want to learn and striving to be the best – no matter what that might be.

Book Review: Adventures of the Horse Doctor’s Husband

By Barbara Godwin | January 15, 2020

Even though the book relates tragedies such as Highway’s, it is a light-hearted and easy read. While it touches on the heartache as well as the satisfaction of healing that comes with being in the medical field, it also highlights the joys of everyday living with our animal and human companions.

Spirit of the Horse

By Barbara Godwin | December 24, 2019

December is always a lively month, made more so by events held to celebrate the holiday season and often to benefit various charitable organizations. One of these events was a live performance of Spirit of The Horse, a story of two orphan children whose wish for Christmas is a family of their own.