Refresh Yourself With a Ranch Water Cocktail!

By Barbara Godwin | September 1, 2022

When most of us hear the term “ranch water”, we think of water pumped by windmills, or galvanized water containers made for cattle and big enough to swim in. But Texans love Ranch Water as a different kind of drink. Go to a local bar – especially in West Texas – and ask for Ranch Water, and it will be served without a second thought.

The Weather is Hot…the Food is HOTTER THAN HADES!

By Barbara Godwin | September 1, 2022

Due to the unprecedented heatwave throughout the world, HRL decided to recognize the crisis by featuring foods that are…HOTTER THAN HADES!

Wild Mustang

These Mustang Cocktails Have A Kick!

By Barbara Godwin | July 2, 2022

The extent to which the mustang has influenced American culture seems endless – we were surprised to find not one, but two cocktails and a grape varietal bearing their name! Enjoy these refreshing drinks responsibly…yes, you can get a DUI riding while intoxicated.

Traditional Irish Foods (with Cracker Barrel Restaurant)

By Barbara Godwin | March 14, 2022

Corned Beef and Cabbage, Irish Soda Bread, Guinness and more – St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to explore authentic, delicious, traditional Irish food and drinks!

The Irish Mule: A Delicious Twist On A Refreshing Favorite

By Barbara Godwin | March 11, 2022

Originally known as the Moscow Mule, the drink was recreated using Irish whiskey instead of vodka and became the Irish Mule…a delicious twist on a well-known favorite!

Conversations with Nikita

By Barbara Godwin | December 23, 2021

Nikita Gretsi is sharing with HRL one of the most historic rides ever attempted: a ride from coast to coast across Siberia, a staggering 15,000 km (or over 9,300 miles). In a recent email, I asked Nikita questions that I believed would satisfy the curiosity of others as well as myself – bigger questions like”Why did you decide to take on this venture?” to the more practical “What do you eat? What do your horses eat?”

The Ranch Kitchen: Bidding Summer Farewell

By Cristina Miller | August 30, 2021

Summer is turning to fall, but it’s still plenty warm all over the country! If you have veggies to use up, The Ranch Kitchen has lots of delicious, fresh, seasonal dishes to pick from…here’s two of our favorites!

The Ranch Kitchen: No One Cooks Like Mom!

By Cristina Miller | May 6, 2021

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve got THREE special mom-created recipes from The Ranch Kitchen with something for everyone’s tastes. All are ready in 20 minutes or less with no cooking required…perfect for quick summer meals!

The Ranch Kitchen: Easy Breakfast Goodies

By Cristina Miller | February 21, 2021

Whether you like yours warm and savory or cold and fresh, The Ranch Kitchen delivers some delicious, wholesome, nutritious breakfast options – like the Whole30-friendly Sweet Potato Power Bowl, or Breakfast Soft Tacos – for your consideration. Even better, they can be enjoyed any time of day…breakfast for dinner, anyone?

The Ranch Kitchen: Holiday Favorites

By Guest Author | December 10, 2020

HRL is delighted to share a few of Alise’s favorite things in the kitchen this season…but check out the whole round up at The Ranch Kitchen! She’s got you covered from breakfast to dinner, with snacks and drinks too!