Everything Irish

Irish Travelers and Their Tiny Houses

By Barbara Godwin | March 20, 2022

Tiny Houses are a popular part of a worldwide movement to minimize and mobilize their lives – but the craze is not a new one. Being mobile was a way of life for Gypsies (Romani and Irish Travelers), who started out on foot, then to horse, then horse and carts called “Vardo”…the first mobile homes!

Experience Ireland on Horseback!

By Barbara Godwin | March 17, 2022

Horse enthusiasts of all riding levels have an opportunity to ride globally, and HRL encourages you to see the world by doing something you truly love to do. The truly exciting part: you don’t have to be an expert equestrian to enjoy a horseback riding vacation destination.

Horses In Irish Mythology

By Barbara Godwin | March 17, 2022

Like many cultures, the Celts are steeped in history and mythology, their lore taking the imagination to a higher level. This includes mythical horses and the tales they carry.

Lisa Stockdell

By Barbara Godwin | March 17, 2022

As part of our “Everything Irish” theme this month, HRL is delighted to once again feature the extraordinary art of Lisa Stockdell and her dedication to the Gypsy Vanner, a breed of horse originating in Ireland!

“Cashed Out” – First Gen 1965 Chevrolet C10 Stepside by Sam Ramada

By Barbara Godwin | March 16, 2022

Just in time for St Patrick’s Day, Sam Ramada has provided us with a build that will turn you green with envy! “Cashed Out” is a custom-built first generation 1965 Chevrolet C10 Stepside.

Traditional Irish Foods (with Cracker Barrel Restaurant)

By Barbara Godwin | March 14, 2022

Corned Beef and Cabbage, Irish Soda Bread, Guinness and more – St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to explore authentic, delicious, traditional Irish food and drinks!

Ireland’s Forgotten Cowboys

By Cuchullaine O’Reilly | March 12, 2022

The real story of America’s first cattle drive would shock many an old cowboy and bring a self-justified, sly grin to any eastern tenderfoot. It is one of the lost secrets of the cattle drive story and it could not have occurred in a more unlikely place.

The Irish Mule: A Delicious Twist On A Refreshing Favorite

By Barbara Godwin | March 11, 2022

Originally known as the Moscow Mule, the drink was recreated using Irish whiskey instead of vodka and became the Irish Mule…a delicious twist on a well-known favorite!