Barb’s Barn | Oxford, Florida

By Barbara Godwin | September 23, 2019

As the band warms up, harmony becomes more evident and you understand that these people are passionate about what they do as well as what they believe.

Lisa Stockdell

By Barbara Godwin | August 29, 2019

“I have never been more enamored with a medium than I am with pastel. The tactile experience of working with pastels, the brilliancy of the colors, and the immediacy of the medium were exactly what I’d been searching for all these years.”

The Sunny Side of Life

By Barbara Godwin | August 29, 2019

With Connie and Brian, the decision was simple.  The need to ensure survival for themselves and their four-legged friends was the catalyst, along with a reduced carbon footprint.   With predictions of future weather conditions becoming even more complex and violent, it just seemed a no-brainer.

Horse Psychic

By Barbara Godwin | August 29, 2019

New clients often have reservations about calling a psychic or animal communicator and may feel foolish. I am not offended; rather, I admire they are being open-minded and willing to step into unknown territory to make their equine friend more comfortable.

The Canyons | Ocala, Florida

By Barbara Godwin | August 29, 2019

What once was dug and stripped bare has become a “natural” habitat for many species of plants and animals.

Past Tense: Art Reclaimed

By Barbara Godwin | August 29, 2019

Mike reclaims wood and creates living environments for those who choose that lifestyle. After years of building boat docks and discovering the rich patina and texture of old wood, it was a natural transition.

1938 Chevrolet

By Barbara Godwin | August 29, 2019

Though we all love shiny new paint, there are trucks over forty, fifty, even seventy years of age that still run the roads. Mostly due to the dedication of those who truly know the mechanics under the hood and have a love of rusty metal, examples of history on wheels are out there and gratifying to see.