Heaven Bound Cowboy Church | Ocklawaha, FL

By Cristina Moore | December 24, 2019

Cowboy churches are gaining in popularity and one of the reasons is the non-denominational status they hold. It was stressed to me that the whole idea of establishing this church was to present the word of God and Jesus Christ and nothing else. From the number of crosses representing baptisms displayed on this barn wall, it looks like Pastor Bud Jenkins, along with Ernie Barry, is achieving his legacy.

Spirit of the Horse

By Barbara Godwin | December 24, 2019

December is always a lively month, made more so by events held to celebrate the holiday season and often to benefit various charitable organizations. One of these events was a live performance of Spirit of The Horse, a story of two orphan children whose wish for Christmas is a family of their own.

Kit Gray Illustration

By Cristina Moore | December 24, 2019

Interestingly, Kit discovered her illustrative talents fairly recently – in 2015, when she was gifted a large box set of colored pencils from her mom for the holidays.  Her systemic lupus had become life-threatening, and she was forced to stop the work she loved as a park ranger and educator in order to focus on the necessary work of stabilizing her health…drawing gave her an outlet and sense of direction.

Oh, Fudge…

By Cristina Moore | December 24, 2019

I can promise when followed, it’s an incredibly forgiving and versatile recipe I’ve been happy to share far and wide.

Oxford Oaks Ranch | 100+ Acres Near The Villages, FL

By Barbara Godwin | October 29, 2019

Southern Living at its best! This 100+ acre Horse Farm with a gated entrance just minutes from The Villages and I-75/Turnpike.

Simon’s Seed: A Love Letter In Memoriam

By Barbara Godwin | October 21, 2019

What started out as just a bag of feed from Simon’s Seed sent me in a direction that I will never forget. While it is true that change is inevitable, there is always a certain sadness when literally one door closes and another opens.

The Games People Play (on Horseback!): Horseball

By Barbara Godwin | September 30, 2019

My guide – Baptiste Auclair, owner of Horse In The City, mentioned he played this game on horseback and explained that it is much like basketball on horseback. (Easier to explain that way when addressing a non-french speaking American.)

Person of Interest: Barb Hall

By Barbara Godwin | September 23, 2019

Though impressed with her title of “first”, after meeting with Barb on several occasions I am more impressed by the culmination of the total person. I can truly say I have never met anyone who “lives life” more than Barb.

Horse in The City | Paris, France

By Barbara Godwin | September 23, 2019

Riding this dream come true was nothing I could have conceived of a year ago. Paris is the most beautiful city ever imagined; I fully understand why people who visit never leave or want to leave.

Cowboy Cake

By Barbara Godwin | September 23, 2019

There was no hard and fast recipe, except for the proportions…Anyone could make the cake (if they had the recipe) and call it their own.