A Spooktacular Vintage Resto-Mod Dodge Pickup Truck!


1937 Dodge pickup features a 426 HEMI EFI, built Chrysler 3-speed automatic transmission, electronic overdrive, and custom leather interior.

Horse & Rider Living knows that our readers love horsepower.  Whether it’s burning rubber or the sound of pounding hooves, the adrenaline pumps when you are in or on the right ride!

With that in mind, our thanks once again to FSD Hot Rod Ranch for the outstanding ride they’ve provided our viewers: a Halloween Spooktacular 1937 Dodge pickup resto-mod, with a 426 HEMI EFI.

Joshua Phelps, the “S” in FSD  (Father Son Daughter) Hot Rod Ranch, is also the Media Director for the dealership, and shared with us the history as well as the specs of our current vintage truck profile.

This truck is a “resto-mod” (restoration modification), meaning that the ordinary turned into the extraordinary. 

In his work, Mr. Phelps realizes the ride’s history is almost as important as the vehicle itself and spent many hours tracing the 83-year-old truck’s life, whose owners ranged from celebrity status to wealthy business owners.  He related the 1937 Dodge purchased from a Discovery Channel celebrity who lived in Louisiana and bought it from a hot rod collector in Baton Rouge.  

After an extensive search, he located the collector, who then informed him that he had purchased it along with five other high dollar cars from a Texas businessman, a builder from Longview, Texas.  This owner owned a hot rod restoration shop…and built vehicles solely for his collection.  After information became shared,  Joshua located the Texas businessman, the originator of the build.

Phelps stated that this truck’s visionary is a gentleman. They had a very long and productive conversation, with the pertinent information he was looking for regarding this Dodge provided in detail.

The  Texas businessman explained that he wanted a luxurious yet reliable cruiser when he commissioned the 1937 Dodge build…one that he and his wife could enjoy driving every day, with a “real” Chrysler HEMI, a Chrysler 727 Overdrive Automatic along with vintage AC, power brakes, and steering. 

The truck sits on a 2004 Dodge Dakota chassis with the body crafted from not one but two 1937 Dodge pickups.  They were each split 2 inches off-center and then reassembled with the final pickup being 4 inches wider than the original.  They chopped the roof and elongated the cab by four inches. PLus, the hood and the motor compartment extended by 4 inches to accommodate the 426 HEMI.  This build is all steel except for a small amount of fiberglass under the rear bed area. 

 Which means this is genuinely a crafted build.  

They installed a $27,000 new crate engine with a $7,500 HEMI EFI, along with a new crate Chrysler transmission with the optional overdrive (adding another $6,000).  

While this build’s originator could not remember the total cost, he shared that it was costly and took several years to complete.  

So the final specs are an all-steel built resto-mod, show quality-built 1937 Dodge pickup truck, stretched and widened with:

  1. 465 HP 7.0L 426 Hemi (crate, cast iron)

  2.  Forged internals

  3.  Built Chrysler 727 3 speed automatic

  4.  2004 Dodge Dakota Frame

  5.  Air ride tech front end

  6. Custom tan leather interior

  7. Electronic Overdrive

Like so many of our profiled pieces, this is another FSD dream turned into reality. 

This truck recently sold to a fortunate buyer, but FSD Hot Rod Ranch has an extensive inventory for those looking for the ultimate ride.  For more information regarding this work of art and other available rides, visit www.fsdhotrodranch.com for a virtual tour, take an actual tour at their Eustis, Florida location, or follow them on Facebook!  

Barb currently resides in Central Florida with her three horses; when she’s not writing or riding for HRL, she loves to read and travel. horseandriderliving@gmail.com

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