SPECIAL: Global Environmental Equestrian Study

Sofía Alegría, the world’s youngest member of the Long Riders’ Guild

Special Feature

HRL presents the first global environmental equestrian study

“The Future Has a Face and a Name”

Earth is a beautiful, wonderous place for humanity to live out our lives…but our planet is in extreme danger, and everyone is at risk. This special issue of HRL features recipes, resources, news, positive actions ANYONE can make, eyewitness accounts from Long Riders worldwide, and more. It is also our boldest call to action yet, but the urgency can’t be overstated. Earth’s decline doesn’t recognize gender, religion, or political party – and the window of time to shift the outcome for future generations is closing. If work together, as humans, we can make a difference in this amazing place we work, play, ride, and live our lives. So grab a Ranch Water, cool down with a batch of chili…and consider what you can do to contribute to the solution!



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