Roper Horseshoe Boots

Boots are incredibly plentiful in the western wear line up but they are as personal as anything you might own. Like a saddle on a horse, one size does not fit all, even if two people wear the same size. They are not cheap even when they are made cheap; a good boot is an investment, fashion statement or not.

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

A recent visit to Boot Barn validated that idea. I must have tried on ten pairs of boots, all the same size yet no two fit or felt alike even in the same brand. While there were boots from a variety of popular manufacturers and an array of styles that would suit even the most flamboyant, I could not believe the difference in fit from one size 9 to the next. Some have more bling than bang for your buck! While this is no different than any other style footwear, I believe, it is necessary to know the brands and what literally is a good fit for the individual.

There are boot brands that have been around for decades and the fact that some of their boots being decades old are still finding their way onto the eBay market attests to their quality and value – Tony Lama, Acme, Dan Post and many more. A ten, even twenty-year-old vintage boot is easily found, some of which look brand new!

When it was decided that HRL would do a boot segment, I envisioned rows of pretty boots, tooled, some with vivacious colors and design, others just plain functional and durable. Whether going to a hoe-down or making your way to the barn at 6 AM, there is a boot for all facets of life.

So after a disappointing quest in finding a new pair of boots for this segment, it finally occurred to me to feature the boots I have worn for years. No, they aren’t particularly fashionable or elegant; they are, however, the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. The fact that I have owned four pairs in the last decade or so attests to my satisfaction.

I am speaking of Roper Horseshoe Boots. They are a cross of a regular boot and athletic shoe with comfort and durability in mind.

Barbara’s beloved Roper boots, with another beloved friend

Barbara’s beloved Roper boots, with another beloved friend

A lace-up boot with a familiar kiltie, the wearability of these boots is phenomenal. I have worn them rain or shine, and have walked miles in them. “ Weather” in mud or on concrete, you can wear them all day and your feet never complain.

Out of the box they are true to size and comfortable. They are a bit thick-soled due to the athletic portion of the design and I cuss the fact that the shoe strings provided never stay tied, but overall satisfaction has been on the high end of the scale. Also, they are priced reasonably; while not cheap they won’t break the bank. You can find them on various sites including eBay and Amazon.

Karman Inc, founded in 1948 and still operating today is located in Aurora, Colorado. They manufacture and distribute several well-known lines including Roper, Stetson and Tin Haul; the Karman brand is as familiar to the west as Stetson hats are.

 So “hats off” (Stetsons of course) to Karman and Roper Horseshoe Boots, our first featured boot on HRL!


Barb currently resides in Central Florida with her three horses; when she’s not writing or riding for HRL, she loves to read and travel.