From the Publisher | September 2022

HRL Publisher Barbara Godwin on a once-in-a-lifetime ride in Versailles, France

We at HRL hope that September finds you well, dear readers.

The past few months have been tragic for plants, animals, and humans. Monstrous heat waves, floods, droughts, and wildfires have become daily news. The deaths of 2000 head of cattle in Kansas due to heat, over 30 people (at this writing) – including 4 children – drowning in the floodwaters of Kentucky, drought inhibiting hay and farming production, wildfires claiming their victims, and a horse named Bradley who dropped dead in a funeral procession in New Orleans. According to multiple reports, his death was due to heat. 

And that’s just in America. The rest of the world is struggling with its losses due to climate change and crisis.

Mother Nature doesn’t care what political party you align with, your gender, your religious beliefs, or how any of these define you. Regardless of where you live, her wrath and vengeance are real – the results of the human race being oblivious to the pain inflicted on Mother Earth. 

All living creatures – plants, animals (including domestic and wild horses, and not least the human race – are all at the mercy of an ongoing climate crisis. 

The sad part? None of this is a surprise. 

We were warned of rising sea levels, warming oceans, and glaciers melting into ice water. Warned of the decline of certain species and native habitats. Decades ago, scientists gave us reason to change and avoid the current issues in climate.

We were warned – and we ignored them. Here and now, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

At this writing, there’s been no response to our open letter addressed to Jim Farley, CEO of Ford Motor Company, asking him to honor the legacy and spirit of the Mustang and join the fight to save our wild horses. Also, your representatives kicked the PASS and SAFE ACT Bills to the curb. 

The HRL September 2022 publication is all about the environment – with informative content, action items, resources, food and drink recipes, and more – from many talented guest writers we’re honored to have working with us this issue. Our hope is that we can unify and tackle this crisis together. It affects everyone, with many horse owners already feeling the burden. 

But there’s good news to inspire and motivate us, too. President Biden’s Climate Bill has been passed, bringing the hope of a greener tomorrow – whenever that may be. Also, a younger generation is taking the environment seriously and advocating for change. Greta Thunberg is an instantly recognized name, but there are many more who see the world’s crisis as it truly is, and have dedicated their energy and idealism to solutions. Watch for them in future HRL articles!

On another positive note, Team HRL is delighted to welcome CuChullaine O’Reilly as our Investigative Equestrian Editor.  An award-winning writer, founder of the Long Riders Guild, and tireless supporter of our mission, he brings a new perspective to our pages and enlightens us all with educational and informative content. 

Also, thank you to all who visit our pages and support us. We look forward to continuing to serve horse enthusiasts worldwide with content needed and desired. 

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We appreciate you and look forward to hearing from you.

Barbara Godwin


Barb currently resides in Central Florida with her three horses; when she’s not writing or riding for HRL, she loves to read and travel.

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