From the Publisher | February 2021

HRL Publisher Barbara Godwin on a once-in-a-lifetime ride in Versailles, France

HRL Publisher Barbara Godwin on a once-in-a-lifetime ride in Versailles, France

Happy 2021, Dear Reader!

According to Google, the definition of normal as an adjective is “conforming to a standard, usual, typical, expected.”

While we may never return to the normal we experienced before COVID-19, the good news is that life can, and will, evolve to a new normal.

It won’t be easy, and the pandemic has had devastating and long-lasting effects on both health and wealth for many horse owners. This month we have published information regarding feed assistance that may help the current situation for many. For those of you who haven’t experienced any negative repercussions, we are glad and encourage you to donate to those organizations in your locale that are assisting those who have.

Also, Horse & Rider Living is excited to announce that we are finally achieving the long-time goal of a print magazine to accompany our online community and content! With it will come a new lineup of contributors to add more depth and diversity. It is a mission for HRL to offer equine conversations from all walks of life – because everyone has a story.

All that we’ve achieved in the last two years has been a labor of love and the incredible generosity of people who have shared their time and content with us, and Team HRL wants to take this mission to the next level. To that end, we will be humbly establishing a couple of avenues to help support our production – a one-time donation through GoFundMe, and/or ongoing starting at $1/month through Patreon. If you enjoy HRL, please consider donating to making it bigger and better, and funding will only help us do more (including paying our very deserving writers)! Also, we sincerely believe in paying it forward, so a percentage of all donations will be given to local horse rescues.

Thank you for visiting and supporting HRL. We appreciate you and couldn’t be here without you.

Barb Godwin

Publisher, HRL

Barb currently resides in Central Florida with her three horses; when she’s not writing or riding for HRL, she loves to read and travel.

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