John Lopez Studio

“The Last Stand”, John Lopez

“The Last Stand”, John Lopez

Sculptor John Lopez may reside in the boneyards of South Dakota, be it buffalo or grizzly bears, but he works from the boneyards of the industrial revolution. 

Lifesize sculptures are intricately produced from the carcasses of farm and road machines that once traveled or labored the ranchlands where he and his family live, not far from where Sitting Bull lived and died on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation.

An artist who also works with horses, John began as a clay sculptor and eventually made the transition to sculpting with the discarded metals of farm implements and machinery that no longer served.

His works visually roar to life as one’s eye catches the many mechanical parts that make up the sum of a piece. While it is one thing to work with metal for practical use, it is a totally different medium when used to give life to his sculptures.

It is obvious from the pieces produced that Lopez knows the anatomy of a horse or that of cattle and what it takes to make his work come alive. But you truly feel the breath given these works of art, and that comes from a lifetime of love, labor, and association with his subjects.

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