Get Into The Dating Scene…Equestrian Style!

Are you looking for love?  Or, if not love, someone you can simply relate to?  Someone to share the other passions of your horses? Now you can go straight to the horse’s mouth!  Whether you consider yourself a cowgirl or an equestrian or just someone who loves horses, there are dating websites for like-minded people!

Like-minded people are critical to a successful relationship, however you define it. Though it may sound easy enough, it isn’t always possible to surround yourself with people who love the same things in life that you do.

Anyone that owns horses knows the responsibilities that go along with that scenario, whether it is schedules, property ownership, or financial goals. While you most likely are aware of all the highs and lows of horse ownership, your significant other may be on the outside of the barn door looking in. While horses are time-consuming, for most of us, they come first – simply because they depend on us for...well, everything.

And some significant others can’t tolerate that.

So what is the answer?  Where do you turn if your social circles are relegated to churches, bars, and Facebook?  Women make up a large percentage of horse ownership – approximately 90 percent! – so we don’t always encounter members of the opposite sex at our gatherings.

Social media like Facebook has changed the scene for many people, but even that avenue carries risk.  Dating websites like are successful for a reason – they follow a guideline of asking the right questions of their applicants – but they cater to all types of lifestyles, which may leave the ‘field’ too broad for someone looking specifically for a fellow equine enthusiast.

The first one I located was Equestrian Singles.  Established in 2001 and later acquired by, their interests run the gamut; no matter what horse lifestyle you are associated with, they cover it.

Another is Equestrian Cupid.  They include equestrian chat groups, videos, and ideas for first dates!

There are many other sites listed on the web, some free of charge and some requiring membership.  Also, privacy rules and policies may differ. Others include Equestrian Dating and (NOT the same!) Equestrian Dating Site. There are horse-related dating websites worldwide, so if you are interested in meeting someone abroad, or are across the pond yourself, you can also check out

Amid the chaos and worry of times like these, we are all in need of a little more love.  Wouldn’t it be great to share your hopes, dreams, and passions with someone who understands what your life is all about? After all, common interests will give you a starting place to get to know each other better…and horseback riding offers so many creative, socially distanced outing options!

As we near the end of February, the month of love, Horse & Rider Living wants you to remember: we love and appreciate every one of you just as you are, regardless of attachment or orientation. You don’t need anyone to define your worth as a human being.  But if you decide you’re looking for love or companionship, there’s no wrong time (although please continue to be cautious, even above and beyond normal precautions; the COVID vaccine is a light at the end of the tunnel, but the pandemic is far from over).

If you’re ready to dive in, we wish you the best, and hope you’ll let us know if you had luck with one of these equine-specific sites…or your secrets if you achieved success elsewhere!

Barb currently resides in Central Florida with her three horses; when she’s not writing or riding for HRL, she loves to read and travel.

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