Equine Personalities

Person of Interest: Craig C. Downer

By Barbara Godwin | July 2, 2022

Horse & Rider Living is honored to introduce Craig C. Downer – an ecologist, environmentalist, activist, author, musician…and genuinely impressive human being.

In Memory of Harold Laten

By Barbara Godwin | December 30, 2021

Amigo, gray-faced with hip bones protruding, is still under my care and showing his 32 years of age. In the pasture, I catch him sleeping his eyes half shut, the breeze slightly moving his still thick mane. I didn’t need another horse, but I am happy Amigo is with me. Every morning as I feed Amigo, I am reminded of my friend and the good times we had – and I am also reminded that we will all face the same reality.

Conversations with Nikita

By Barbara Godwin | December 23, 2021

Nikita Gretsi is sharing with HRL one of the most historic rides ever attempted: a ride from coast to coast across Siberia, a staggering 15,000 km (or over 9,300 miles). In a recent email, I asked Nikita questions that I believed would satisfy the curiosity of others as well as myself – bigger questions like”Why did you decide to take on this venture?” to the more practical “What do you eat? What do your horses eat?”

Riding Across the Road of Bones

By Cristina Moore | November 22, 2021

This interview with Nikita Gretsi, conducted shortly after the first leg of the journey was completed, was translated to English and reposted with permission from Yakutia.Info. Article by Timofey Efremov, Photos by Yuri Berezhnev.

A Tribute To Lady Long Rider Bernice Ende

By Barbara Godwin | October 21, 2021

While Ende had ridden since the age of three and taught dressage…the fact that she did not start long riding until the age of 50 should be of great interest. In a country where we promote youth and those of age can feel forgotten, The Lady Long Rider began a journey that most of us cannot even begin to imagine.

Person of Interest: Five Things To Like About Cabot Barden

By Barbara Godwin | August 31, 2021

An award-winning novelist as well as a musician, songwriter, performer and adventurer, it’s easy to understand why Cabot Barden was befriended by Clive Cussler: they are cut from the same bold cloth. Here’s five reasons (among many!) Cabot is one to watch and be inspired by.

Person of Interest: Krystal Kelly, The Equestrian Adventuress

By Barbara Godwin | May 6, 2021

Riding horseback worldwide, Krystal Kelly – coach, author, world-renowned equestrian professional, and creator of The Equestrian Adventuresses community – fully validates the idea that you don’t have to live like everyone else.

Person of Interest: Barbra Schulte

By Barbara Godwin | November 30, 2020

HRL is honored to introduce Barbra Schulte! Accomplished as a writer and rider, a teacher, and most importantly, as a human being, she is a Professional Cutting Horse Trainer, Personal Performance Coach, Author, Clinician, and Equine Consultant.

Person(s) of Interest: Azenda (Suzie) Maichak & Billy Geck

By Barbara Godwin | January 17, 2020

Suzie Maichak and Billy Geck are pro-active horse enthusiasts whose lives center around the rescue of horses. Four of the six horses on the Geck family property are rescues!

Person of Interest: Barb Hall

By Barbara Godwin | September 23, 2019

Though impressed with her title of “first”, after meeting with Barb on several occasions I am more impressed by the culmination of the total person. I can truly say I have never met anyone who “lives life” more than Barb.