Guest Author

Heat, Horses & Anhidrosis: A Summer Nightmare

By Guest Author | September 1, 2022

In researching equine issues with heat, I received an article published at UF/IFAS about Anhidrosis (or in layman’s terms, non-sweating) in horses. The reasons for non-sweating horses are still unknown, and though data regarding certain breeds has been produced and factors identified, there is no definite treatment defined for this condition.

How a humble mushroom could save forests and fight climate change

By Guest Author | September 1, 2022

We know that different foods have different footprints…But what if we could go further? What if, instead of having farming and forestry in direct conflict, we could develop a system that allows food production and forest on the same parcel of land? (Republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license.)

A Fading Dream: Wild Horses in Onaqui, Utah

By Guest Author | July 2, 2022

The horses I stood with in the Utah sun and wind who once had shining coats, full bellies and bright eyes are wasting away physically and spiritually in filthy over-crowded holding pens…And this is a Federally protected animal. Our government has failed them, and our country is poorer for it.

A Message of Peace from the Long Riders Guild

By Guest Author | March 10, 2022

Our friendship is a symbol of overcoming tribal hatred. In the name of the Long Riders’ Guild we invoke the peaceful message of harmonious horsemanship. War is never the answer.

North America’s Gift to the World: Wild Horses

By Guest Author | May 10, 2021

The mass removals and stockpiling of wild horses in holding is unsustainable…This is not just an issue for horse lovers, it’s an issue that affects every American taxpayer. The long term cost for the BLM’s mass roundup plan over the next 10-20 years is a staggering $5 billion! Meanwhile, better, more humane and cost-effective alternatives exist.

Ende of the Trail: “Be Devoted to Your Life” – April 12, 2021

By Guest Author | May 6, 2021

Make this a time to discover, learn and know something new about yourself. If taking a fence apart is necessary to move forward – do it. But always respectfully put it back together. Don’t let fences, road blocks or any obstacles keep you from moving forward. Find opportunity, not problems in these challenging times.

The Ranch Kitchen: Holiday Favorites

By Guest Author | December 10, 2020

HRL is delighted to share a few of Alise’s favorite things in the kitchen this season…but check out the whole round up at The Ranch Kitchen! She’s got you covered from breakfast to dinner, with snacks and drinks too!

Ende of the Trail: “Uncertainty” – April 28, 2020

By Guest Author | September 23, 2020

One thing that never left me even in those long riding days that seemed so hard and endless was, “Will this never end?” I always knew that I would make it. I never lost faith in my ability of completing the journey. Eventually, everything changes.

If there is any one thing that I hope for you, it is that you carry THAT with you, “You will make it, we will make it, this country will make it.”

Clever Hans: The Horse That Knew Everything (Sort Of)

By Guest Author | April 13, 2020

Von Osten’s horse also boasted an elephant-like memory. In one demonstration, Hans was introduced to a Count Dohna. He was told, “That is Count Dohna.” Thirty minutes later the Count was pointed to and von Osten asked Hans his name. The horse walked up to a blackboard filled with the letters of the alphabet and picked out D-o-h-n-a.