Cristina Moore

HRL’s “The Long Rider” Viewing Experience

By Cristina Moore | July 2, 2022

In April 2022, Publisher Barb Godwin and Creative Director Cristina Moore were invited to attend the Florida premiere of Filipe Leite’s The Long Rider at the SunScreen Film Festival in St. Petersburg. Our first collaborative article digs into our heartfelt reactions to this powerful, touching documentary.

Riding Across the Road of Bones

By Cristina Moore | November 22, 2021

This interview with Nikita Gretsi, conducted shortly after the first leg of the journey was completed, was translated to English and reposted with permission from Yakutia.Info. Article by Timofey Efremov, Photos by Yuri Berezhnev.

Mary Joan Hinson | Brush & Oil: Equestrian Series

By Cristina Moore | May 10, 2021

A championship show horse from equine royalty, he was so large we affectionately called him Battleship Bismarck. He was also a one-of-a-kind gentle giant, my protector, and my best friend. Jacksonville, FL artist Mary Joan Hinson of Brush & Oil shares the touching story of the horse that inspired her Equestrian Series.

Sparr Building and Farm Supply: From Humble Beginnings To Decades Of Growth

By Cristina Moore | September 13, 2020

In 1947…during a time when local cattle still roamed on open ranges…a small General Merchandise Grocery store became Sparr Building and Farm Supply. The company has always had a solid business foundation of supporting the communities that have supported them over the decades…Sparr Building and Farm Supply cares and remains dedicated to their customers, their employees, and their communities.

WANTED: Writers Who Are Riders!

By Cristina Moore | August 18, 2020

Horse and Rider Living is looking for contributors to share their equine expertise – in travel, shopping, art, and more! Whether it’s just one story or an ongoing series, contributors (and their business, if applicable) will be promoted on our social media channels for maximum visibility.

Drawing On My Heart | Art & Illustration By Nicki Forde

By Cristina Moore | January 17, 2020

That love of horses led to drawing them, which led to me choosing a career in art. I’ve been horseless since leaving home, but they’ve never really left me.

Heaven Bound Cowboy Church | Ocklawaha, FL

By Cristina Moore | December 24, 2019

Cowboy churches are gaining in popularity and one of the reasons is the non-denominational status they hold. It was stressed to me that the whole idea of establishing this church was to present the word of God and Jesus Christ and nothing else. From the number of crosses representing baptisms displayed on this barn wall, it looks like Pastor Bud Jenkins, along with Ernie Barry, is achieving his legacy.

Kit Gray Illustration

By Cristina Moore | December 24, 2019

Interestingly, Kit discovered her illustrative talents fairly recently – in 2015, when she was gifted a large box set of colored pencils from her mom for the holidays.  Her systemic lupus had become life-threatening, and she was forced to stop the work she loved as a park ranger and educator in order to focus on the necessary work of stabilizing her health…drawing gave her an outlet and sense of direction.

Oh, Fudge…

By Cristina Moore | December 24, 2019

I can promise when followed, it’s an incredibly forgiving and versatile recipe I’ve been happy to share far and wide.