Barbara Godwin

From the Publisher | December 2022

By Barbara Godwin | December 9, 2022

Headlining this special edition is an extensive illustrated equestrian biography which documents Queen Elizabeth’s life in the saddle beginning in 1931 and ending in 2022.

I am also proud to reveal the creation and publication of the extensive Shakespeare Equestrian Collection.

In keeping with the celebration of all things royal, the renowned English equestrian historian Dr. Paula Sells wrote a fascinating article revealing the history of the royal stables. Joining the HRL team is Scottish Long Rider Louis Hall. Young, empathetic and intuitive, he writes about his Journey Across the Heart of Europe.

The entire December publication of Horse & Rider Living is unprecedented and as the publisher, I am proud to be part of this event.

The Royal Rides of the Royal Family

By Barbara Godwin | December 9, 2022

Though Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth was a renowned equestrian, she was also an enthusiastic motorist who learned to drive while serving as a trained mechanic in the British Army during the Second World War. Seen driving to a 1956 polo match, the monarch loved the freedom she found behind the wheel of the many types of automobiles that filled her royal garage.

This Ain’t My First Rodeo…

By Barbara Godwin | December 9, 2022

The 1924 “Royal Rodeo” was the first and last to be held in Great Britain! That’s because American promoter Tex Austin unwittingly caused Parliament to pass the ground breaking Protection of Animals Act.

The Royal Rodeo

By Barbara Godwin | December 9, 2022

Cowboys and Kings, America and the Royals, romance and drama, kidnap and rescue, this film touches on a long list of genres, all in a 15 minute run time!

Publisher Survives Lyme Disease – A Personal Story

By Barbara Godwin | September 1, 2022

I too, was diagnosed with Lyme Disease many years ago. Though our infections originated in different areas of the United States, it seems the complications of the disease were very similar.

Unfortunately, those complications included issues I once would never have imagined in the medical field; ignorance, ego, and complete denial of a disease that was wrecking my own and others’ lives.

Refresh Yourself With a Ranch Water Cocktail!

By Barbara Godwin | September 1, 2022

When most of us hear the term “ranch water”, we think of water pumped by windmills, or galvanized water containers made for cattle and big enough to swim in. But Texans love Ranch Water as a different kind of drink. Go to a local bar – especially in West Texas – and ask for Ranch Water, and it will be served without a second thought.

How Horses and Humans Can Impact the Environment

By Barbara Godwin | September 1, 2022

Despite profit-driven misinformation, wild horses and burros are good for the environment – and their capture by BLM is doing real harm to the ongoing climate crisis that impacts us all. These are simple but powerful actions we can all make to make a difference for the planet…whether you own a horse or not.

Have Horse Will Travel: The Dakota Dream | Custer, SD

By Barbara Godwin | September 1, 2022

The world is a big big place, and what better way to see it than from horseback? If you and your horse are in travel mode and looking for a scenic getaway, South Dakota – and this one-of-a-kind property – awaits you!

A Toast to Water

By Barbara Godwin | September 1, 2022

Our survival depends on the one thing we take for granted: water. But that life-sustaining element is in serious danger from climate change…and as a result, so are plants, animals, and humanity. It’s time to stand up and work together, to save our water sources so it can continue to save us.

Horse Trailers, Hauling and Heat

By Barbara Godwin | September 1, 2022

As a horse owner, what precautions do you take when the heat soars? There are always obvious ones like access to plenty of water and shade. But summer is usually the time horse owners seek to hit the trails, especially in northern areas…so how do you keep your horse safe when the heat goes beyond the usual?