The Future of EVs is Now With Aptera!

Imagine never worrying about gas prices again. Aptera’s solar-powered EV will be at full production in 2023 – and you can reserve yours now for just $100. (

The future of EV (electric vehicle) development: solar power. California-based Aptera has made them real, their cost is accessible, their use is eminently practical – with full production slated for 2023, you can reserve yours today.

Recently, I came across a sponsored Facebook page promoting an electric vehicle introduced by Aptera. I immediately clicked the link due to the photo provided. While it doesn’t fly, George Jetson would feel right at home sitting behind the steering wheel of the model seen in the photo – a futuristic design unlike any other transportation available today. While it caters to the imagination and old cartoons, there are viable reasons for the Aptera design. And unlike most EVs, it is fueled by the sun!

Presented with one of the first solar-inspired creations for travel, I was intrigued. Not only due to current fuel prices, but also…the idea of being independent. To not depend on or be controlled by an oil company whose only priority is profits.

To experience freedom in travel, with the sun as both my guide and the source of my mobility.

My home is solar-powered. The cost at the time of installation was high. However, it was something I had always wanted: to be more independent and yet still have the comforts of a conventional Florida home. AC is a big one for Florida, as most houses currently being constructed aren’t designed for survival without it.

Extending that thinking to my vehicle just seemed like the right thing to do, environmentally and for future financial security. With record-breaking heat this summer, power usage, and fuel at an all-time high, I sigh with relief that I made the right decision. 

So when presented with the idea of a solar-powered vehicle, we should all be interested. And unlike my solar power at home, the cost of an Aptera vehicle is nominal.

Who and what is Aptera? The future of mobility.

Aptera Motors’ headquarters in San Diego, CA

A California-based company, and who they are in their own words, Aptera is a movement of solar revolutionaries who believe in the power of the sun, making the impossible possible. With breakthrough thinking and technology, to revolutionize and transform the world into a less destructive and more creative place.

There are eight things they want you to know about Aptera.

Aptera is the world’s most efficient solar vehicle (sEV) that requires no charging for daily use. With 700 watts of solar power on each vehicle, you can drive up to 40 miles a day, completely off the grid. Their unique diamond-shaped solar panels maximize the energy you get from the sun giving you continuous charging power while driving or parked.

Aptera Strategic Advisor Doug Lui, CPA.

The aerodynamic, lightweight shape of their vehicles can give a 1000-mile driving range per full charge, an industry record, depending on battery selection.

Front and All Wheel Drive (AWD), in-wheel motors, and vectorized torque control for speeds from zero to 60 in as fast as 3.5 seconds. The in-wheel motors are not only easier to install and service, but also more efficient than traditional in-body motors.

Aptera vehicles are made with ultra-lightweight composite materials that are seven times stronger than steel per weight. With only 6 key structural body parts and fewer necessary batteries, Aptera gives you the freedom to go anywhere you need to go with less impact on the environment.

With a lower price point and freedom from electric chargers, Aptera makes clean transportation both more affordable and more accessible, especially in communities where electric charging stations are sparse.

Each Aptera owner can reduce their carbon footprint by over 14,000 pounds of CO2 a year. The same amount that 884 pine trees absorb in a year.

Aptera has received nearly 20,000 pre-order reservations from 95 plus countries around the world.

Aptera is to begin production by the end of 2022 and is looking to scale a production rate of 10,000 vehicles a year by the end of 2023. The first vehicles delivered will be the 400-mile FWD version.

Due to its having only three wheels, Aptera isn’t a car. This design has the least amount of what they call “rolling resistance” – the friction that comes from wheels against the ground. It could be classified as a motorcycle or auto-cycle, though a helmet is not required as it is enclosed. The vast majority of states only require you have a regular driver’s license to operate it. It is 172 inches long, 88 inches wide, and 57 inches high. Seating two, it has 25 cubic feet of luggage capacity.

A charged Aptera can travel up to 250, 400, 600, or 1,000 miles in range depending on the battery pack selection and plugs into a standard 100V or 220V outlet. They are also planning to be compatible with CCS, 31772, Level 2, and CHAdeMC/DC Fast Charge stations. Partnerships may be established in the future, and Aptera will adapt to an evolving EV landscape.

Even when cloudy, drivers need not fear – Aptera’s design is for battery packs good for 25, 40, 60, or 100 KWH, with the largest delivering up to 1000 miles of range.

The sun can produce charging of 40 miles per day. Charging an Aptera from roadside charging stations will most likely get about 100 miles in 10 minutes; a 110-volt cord like what you charge your cell phone on will get 13 miles per hour or about 150 miles of charge overnight.

Many people ask if Aptera qualifies for a Federal Tax Credit. The Senate and House Tax Committees are working on potential tax credits for three-wheel and two-wheel EVs, with the potential of saving the cost of an Aptera by thousands of dollars.

Which begs the next question, how much will an Aptera cost? Cost will be determined by the vehicle’s range: 250 miles, $25,900, 400 miles $29,800, 600 mile range, $34,600 and for 1000 miles of range; $44,900.

In conclusion? The technology is real, and the future depends on automakers taking a different path. I, for one, like the idea of passing a gas pump.

Size and purpose will evolve over time.

But the future has begun with Aptera. Just $100 will reserve your path to a new era in mobile independence. Click here to save your place…and tell them HRL sent you!

Barb currently resides in Central Florida with her three horses; when she’s not writing or riding for HRL, she loves to read and travel.

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