Month: August 2021

Ask Saint Boy

By Barbara Godwin | August 31, 2021

With all the media attention on this incident, I would have thought the first question would have been “Why?” What happened that Saint Boy decided he was having no part of the games people play? His refusal wasn’t the first time, so did they ask why?

Person of Interest: Five Things To Like About Cabot Barden

By Barbara Godwin | August 31, 2021

An award-winning novelist as well as a musician, songwriter, performer and adventurer, it’s easy to understand why Cabot Barden was befriended by Clive Cussler: they are cut from the same bold cloth. Here’s five reasons (among many!) Cabot is one to watch and be inspired by.

The Ranch Kitchen: Bidding Summer Farewell

By Cristina Miller | August 30, 2021

Summer is turning to fall, but it’s still plenty warm all over the country! If you have veggies to use up, The Ranch Kitchen has lots of delicious, fresh, seasonal dishes to pick from…here’s two of our favorites!

The Cowboy Church

By Barbara Godwin | August 30, 2021

With pickup trucks and cowboy hats, campfires, and gospel sing-alongs, Cowboy Church has become an integral part of the Christian community while retaining plenty of unique qualities.