Month: August 2020

The Horsey Horseless: A Car Only A Horse Could Love

By Marc Hartzman | August 18, 2020

This early concept vehicle was designed to prevent horses from getting scared upon seeing an approaching automobile. … “The live horse would be thinking of another horse,” said Smith, “and before he could discover his error and see that he had been fooled, the strange carriage would be passed.”

WANTED: Writers Who Are Riders!

By Cristina Moore | August 18, 2020

Horse and Rider Living is looking for contributors to share their equine expertise – in travel, shopping, art, and more! Whether it’s just one story or an ongoing series, contributors (and their business, if applicable) will be promoted on our social media channels for maximum visibility.

From the Publisher | August 2020

By Barbara Godwin | August 18, 2020

There’s no doubt we are enduring a time in history like no other, but there have been positive things to come from it too!

Celebrating The Women On Horseback Who Made It Possible For Women To Vote

By Barbara Godwin | August 18, 2020

Women such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Inez Milholland, and Nellie Bly as well as others often used horses to demonstrate and made great strides while riding astride. No side saddles here! Horses gave women an aura of power, and they used them to spread news about the movement to gain the right to vote.