Month: April 2020

John Lopez Studio

By Barbara Godwin | April 20, 2020

An artist who also works with horses, John began as a clay sculptor and eventually made the transition to sculpting with the discarded metals of farm implements and machinery that no longer served.

DreamCatcher Horse Rescue | Clermont, Florida

By Barbara Godwin | April 20, 2020

A visit to DreamCatcher Ranch also brings about awareness of a different kind of rescue – one of a more human variety. Speaking with volunteers made one thing abundantly clear. Among those who volunteered, many needed the horses at DreamCatcher as much as the horses needed them.

The Games People Play (on Horseback!): Cowboy Mounted Shooting

By Barbara Godwin | April 14, 2020

It is a noisy event, with the blast of guns ricocheting from one side of the arena to the other…Each shot requires cocking the lever before pulling the trigger, and the black powder enables to bust the balloons up to 15 feet away. (Live ammo is strictly prohibited at these events.)

1953 Chevrolet 3100

By Barbara Godwin | April 13, 2020

Chevrolet introduced this new truck series post-war 1947. The “Advanced style” trucks started a new line of thinking and changes like horizontal to vertical front grilles, integrated headlights made them special. They also sported larger cabs. Installed signals became optimal in 1953. While the FSD truck sports eye candy not original to the truck, it maintains that vintage feel from one of the best eras in American history!

Clever Hans: The Horse That Knew Everything (Sort Of)

By Guest Author | April 13, 2020

Von Osten’s horse also boasted an elephant-like memory. In one demonstration, Hans was introduced to a Count Dohna. He was told, “That is Count Dohna.” Thirty minutes later the Count was pointed to and von Osten asked Hans his name. The horse walked up to a blackboard filled with the letters of the alphabet and picked out D-o-h-n-a.

Sourdough Bread

By Barbara Godwin | April 13, 2020

If any food can be associated with the west, sourdough bread or biscuits would be a good “start” – pun (and pan!) intended. One of the oldest known breads, settlers making their way to the west, whether to homestead or to pan for gold, would carry sourdough starter – necessary for making biscuits and bread along the way.

Book Review: In The Middle Are The Horsemen

By Barbara Godwin | April 13, 2020

This book is a good read for anyone, horses or no horses. It is a testament to truly seeking out what we want to learn and striving to be the best – no matter what that might be.