Month: January 2020

Lady Wonder: The Nostradamus of Horses

By Marc Hartzman | January 18, 2020

News of Lady’s powers spread, and by 1927 the mind-reading mare had gained fame throughout Richmond and around the country.

Riding With Sunshine: Shangri-La | Marion Oaks, FL

By Sunshine | January 17, 2020

If you are looking for a beautiful day ride or a wonderful camping experience with your horses, Shangri-La trailhead in Marion Oaks, FL is one trailhead that should not be passed over!

Drawing On My Heart | Art & Illustration By Nicki Forde

By Cristina Moore | January 17, 2020

That love of horses led to drawing them, which led to me choosing a career in art. I’ve been horseless since leaving home, but they’ve never really left me.

Person(s) of Interest: Azenda (Suzie) Maichak & Billy Geck

By Barbara Godwin | January 17, 2020

Suzie Maichak and Billy Geck are pro-active horse enthusiasts whose lives center around the rescue of horses. Four of the six horses on the Geck family property are rescues!

The Saga of “Teddy Bear Highway”, the I-75 Miracle Horse

By Barbara Godwin | January 16, 2020

On November 30, 2018, numerous 911 calls were made by horrified motorists traveling north Florida’s I-75 when seeing a horse simply standing in a ditch alongside the fast-paced interstate. While much has been made of Highway and his miraculous turn of events, he is not the only horse to find him or herself in such dire circumstances.

Book Review: Adventures of the Horse Doctor’s Husband

By Barbara Godwin | January 15, 2020

Even though the book relates tragedies such as Highway’s, it is a light-hearted and easy read. While it touches on the heartache as well as the satisfaction of healing that comes with being in the medical field, it also highlights the joys of everyday living with our animal and human companions.

Roper Horseshoe Boots

By Barbara Godwin | January 15, 2020

So after a disappointing quest in finding a new pair of boots for this segment, it finally occurred to me to feature the boots I have worn for years. No, they aren’t particularly fashionable or elegant; they are, however, the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. The fact that I have owned four pairs in the last decade or so attests to my satisfaction.

1956 Ford F-100

By Barbara Godwin | January 15, 2020

Chrome bumpers and chrome smoothie wheels wearing Coker of America whitewall tires (my favorite tires) are details that make this an eye-catcher on any road…The real beauty is under the hood, though; the motor alone is enough to generate accolades.

Happy New Year from the Publisher!

By Barbara Godwin | January 15, 2020

We are entering a new decade and while no one knows what the future holds, I do know that we at HRL plan to make it the best we possibly can!

Let your horse help you make 2020 into a year of happiness!

By Barbara Godwin | January 15, 2020

20/20 Vision…It’s all about how you see things, and animals can be a unique lens to view your goals through.